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Welcome to the Schaffert Family

We live on a large farm and ranch in southwest Nebraska. Family is very important to us as we have five boys and four grandchildren. Breeding Aussies became a passion after trying to decide what else to do on the farm that would benefit our children.

Playful Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies

Why We Breed Toy and Mini Australian Shepherds

We have been raising Aussies since 2001 and love the breed! They all have different loving personalities, some are laid back and others are a little hyper, just like kids! They are diverse, smart, and loving. This breed can quickly learn anything you take time to teach them and will strive to please you. Our 7 year old taught his pup to sit, lay down, shake, and roll over all in one afternoon. If you are looking for a family dog, this is the perfect breed. We will help you to find the puppy with the right personality for your family.

Home Raised

We have bought puppies from big kennels and it takes much longer for them to become socialized than when from a family setting. That is why we have chosen to co-own some of our dogs. They live in a home environment where they get plenty of love and attention, giving the puppies the best start possible. They are treated as pets, not property. Each one is loved and a part of the family! Our pups are raised with cattle, horses, cats, and kids. The dogs are well socialized and visit many places such as conformation dog shows, nursing homes, and schools for show and tell. 

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