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Adopting A Puppy

Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide you with a loving companion. We take the time to find a puppy that will fit in perfectly with you and your family. Our puppies are sold as pets and some as breeders. There may even be a future show dog in the litter! With your puppy you will receive a Schaffert's Pedigree and contract. All of our puppies come with a two year health guarantee, a health certificate by a DVM, and a vaccination record book. 

Services we can provide:

  • We can puzzle your puppy at 8 weeks for show prospect at no charge.
  • Puzzling for outside litters available for $15 a pup and 50 cents a mile.
  • Microchipping with Home Again is available for a fee of $35. 

Getting Started

Once you have decided that a miniature or toy Aussie is right for you and your family, please fill out the puppy application. Save the filled out application and either email or mail it to us. The puppy application lets us know what you are looking for in a companion, such as gender, color, and purpose. We use this information to help pick the right candidate for you! If you are requesting a specific puppy, that information should also be included on the application. After the application is received, we will work with you to make a final decision on a puppy. Keep in mind that there may be multiple parties interested in the same puppy. As long as we feel like the fit is right, the puppy will go to whoever's payment is received first. The status of a puppy can change frequently, so check back often if your favorite is on hold.

Choosing Your Puppy

Take the time to read our entire website so you can get to know us and the Toy and Miniature Aussie. All of our puppies come with a health guarantee for up to 2 years of age along with a health certificate by a DVM. We try to keep updated pictures of our puppies and will note the status of each puppy. Prices range from $800-$1200 depending on coat and eye color. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions about a puppy or upcoming litter.

Sales Status

  • Available - Puppy is available for purchase.
  • Hold - Spoken for but no commitment with a deposit.
  • Sale Pending - A puppy can be in sale pending for 4 days after a commitment and waiting for the deposit to be confirmed. If the deposit is not paid within 4 days, the puppy with be then put back on hold with no guarantee.
  • Sold - The deposit money for the puppy has been received or paid in full.

What's Next

Once you have spoken for a puppy, it will be placed on hold. To secure a puppy, a deposit of $150.00 is required. This deposit is non-refundable. While waiting for the deposit to be received and processed, your puppy will be placed on sale pending. If a deposit is not received after four days of committing to a puppy, it will be placed back on hold. When the deposit has been processed or the puppy has been paid in full it will be considered sold. With each sold puppy, we require our contract be filled out and signed.

Payment & Fees

We accept payments using PayPal, cash, check, or money order. We suggest paying by PayPal as this is the quickest way to reserve your Aussie. Final payment must be received before puppies are shipped, delivered or picked up.

Special fees are not included in the price of the puppy. Additional fees may include the microchipping fee, shipping costs, and breeding rights. A 3% fee is added to the total amount when paying with PayPal.

To make a payment via PayPal, click here. Our PayPal email is robinschaffert@gmail.com.


Weather and flight availability permitting, we can ship your puppy to almost any airport. You are responsible for crate and airfare costs. We do our best to accommodate you by getting your puppy as close to your location as we can. We can give you a price quote based on your location. 

Genetic Testing

All of our dogs, adults and puppies, are tested for genetic diseases. The common diseases we test for are PRAPRCD, HC, and MDR1.

Breed Information

Still not sure if a miniature or toy Australian Shepherd is the dog for you? Click here for additional information on the history of the breed, temperament, socialization, and general characteristics. 

Ready to Adopt?

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